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Hello Groomers! This website is tailored for you! Here you will find lots of great tips and techniques for cat and dog grooming.  My objective is to share with  you  what I have learned from my own experience over the past 30 years as a dog groomer.  I did not attend any grooming school but learned everything I know from other groomers working hands on all the way.  I am extremely grateful to all the groomer I worked with that were willing to take their time to teach me better techniques on how to accomplish a certain look on a trim.  Not all groomer are willing to do that.  So my desire is to “pay it forward”  to help you.  Check out all the links in this website to see all the different aspects of grooming discussed because the entire website is full of tips and techniques for pet groomers and operating a grooming shop. Check out the links below to get some ideas and advice.


  • Customer Relationships:  Ideas for creating long term customers.
  • Shop Equipment:  Besides all the usual equipment in a grooming shop there is one other thing that I think makes some jobs easier. Check it out here.
  • Grooming Supplies:  Here is a discussion of some of my favorite tools and how I think they work best.
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