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This website is dedicated to helping everyone have the best dog grooming experience. This includes groomers, owners and their pets. The goal here is to help you get the answers to any dog grooming or cat grooming questions you may come across.  Whether you learned pet grooming by attending a grooming school, on the job training, are self taught or are the pet owner with questions,  this website is for you!  In my 30 years as a dog groomer, I experienced many times that I would look at a fellow groomers work and ask myself

  • how exactly did they get that look on that dog?
  • how did they get that dog to stop acting up?
  • how do you shave a cat safely?

There are a few pet groomers that can and will share their techniques with you but many that are not willing to take their time or just cannot really explain to you just how they do it.  The list of questions and how to explanations can go on and on.  That is what this website is for, to help you get the answer to your questions.  I have been there and very much appreciate all the help I received from those whom helped me.  There have been many and even after 30 years I’m sure I can stll learn from anyone I work with.

Take a look at a brief description of what each different category of this website can help the dog groomer or pet dog owner with:

  • Groomer TipsThis section is to answer questions or help you find answers to questions that groomers have concerning every aspect of dog grooming. Cat grooming is also covered, trimming techniques, handling tricks, customer relationships, and much more.
  • Grooming Supplies: Here you will find more detailed information about dog grooming supplies for professional groomers and the owner that needs grooming tools at home.
  • Pet Owner TipsWeather a pet owner just wants to maintain certain things on their pet at home, like toe nails, coat, bathing, or needs to do some grooming themselves, you can find much helpful information in this section.  It also covers some questions you should ask your groomer.
  • The “Grooming Tips Revealed Newsletter”:   In the newsletter you will find more detailed answers to your questions you submit to me through this website.  With the use of many pictures and detailed instructions you will learn tips and techniques to help you in the grooming process.

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