Pet Owner Tips

This section of this website is dedicated to the pet owner. More and more these days pet owners are looking for more information on how to maintain their pets coat and nails etc…in between visits to the groomer. I applaud those who are truly interested in keeping the nails, hair, skin and eyes in good condition. In some cases pet owners have the need for more information about trimming their own dog or cats hair themselves at home. Check out the information you can get here to help you at home with your pets. There’s no reason why you cannot maintain your pet at home with the same techniques and even the same kind of equipment that the pros use in grooming shops. I share that kind of information with you here but you can learn a lot more if you Subscribe Now to my “Grooming Tips Revealed Newsletter” by entering your first name, last name and email address in the box at the left and learn more about what the pros use and their techniques.

So click on the different pages and find information on things such as:

  • Nail Trimming: What to look for before cutting dog toe nails and the technique of cutting nails
  • Grinding Toe Nails:  The best nail grinders and technique for using it.
  • Ear and Eye Care
  • Home Grooming Tools:  Why not use the same things professional groomers use? 
  • Handling Your Pet for Grooming: This article was written with professional pet groomers in mind but the pet owner can learn a lot from it to help with your own pet.
  • Skunk and bug treatment